Weather at Silkeborg, Denmark 7°
Sunrise: 07:38 Sunset: 17:34 Moonrise: 02:20 Moonset: 11:02
Weather at Silkeborg
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Updated: 19.02.2017 12:29
Next update: 19.02.2017 13:30
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Temperature Gust Precipitation
Change last hour:+0.4°C
Change last 24 hours:+2.2°C
Highest yesterday (14:52):4.6°C
Lowest yesterday (03:10):2.2°C
Highest in february:7.6°C
Lowest in february:-7.6°C
Highest in 2017 (21/1):7.9°C
Lowest in 2017 (6/1):-10.6°C
Meantemp. in february:0.6°C
Meantemp. in 2017:1.1°C
Temperature 1 year ago: (19-02-2016)
Highest temperature:4.3 C
Lowest temperature:0.1 C
Max: 6.6°C (12:16)
Min: 4.1°C (00:00)
Gust 10 min.:5.1 m/s
Gust 15 min.:2.6 m/s
Gust 30 min.:2.6 m/s
Gust 60 min.:5.1 m/s
Gust 120 min.:3.1 m/s

Max. avg. wind: (at 00:00)7.4 m/s

Highest yesterday:11.3 m/s
Highest in february:11.3 m/s
Highest in 2017:15.6 m/s

Max: 9.8 m/s (00:28)
Wind dir at max: SW
Last 3 hours:0.0 mm
Last 6 hours:0.2 mm
Stormrain:2.0 mm
Rainduration:0 min.
yesterday:0.0 mm
Monday:0.0 mm
Tuesday:0.0 mm
Wedensday:0.0 mm
Thursday:0.2 mm
Friday:0.0 mm
Saturday:0.0 mm
Sunday:0.0 mm

Last rain:19/2/2017 at 08:14
February: 11.2 mm
2017: 52.4 mm
Winddirection Barometer Humidity
Last hour:255°
Last 24 hours:230°

Winddirection: 246° (V)
Wind dir at max gust: SW
Max yesterday:1020.1 hPa
Min yesterday:1013.4 hPa
Max i february:1038.3 hPa
Min i february:999.1 hPa
Max i 2017:1039.4 hPa
Min i 2017:980.7 hPa

Last 3 hours:-0.1 hPa
Last 6 hours:+0.0 hPa
Last 12 hours:-4.2 hPa
Last 24 hours:-10.9 hPa
Max: 1013.5 hPa (00:01)
Min: 1008.7 hPa (08:31)
Estimated cloudheight:112 meter
Change last hour:0%
Change last 24 hours:%
Avg. last 24 hours:96.2%
Max yesterday:98%
Min yesterday:93%
Max in february:100%
Min in february:60%
Max in 2017:100%
Min in 2017:59%
Max: 100% (06:20)
Min: 96% (00:00)
Solar UV Windchill
Max yesterday:192.0 w/m2
Max in february:470.4 w/m2
Max in 2017:470.4 w/m2
Sunhours in february:28:36
Sunhours in 2017:84:39
Max: 240 watt/m2 (11:49)
Max possible now: 343 watt/m2
Warning for today: 0.9  Low 

Max yesterday:0.5
Max in february:0.9
Max in 2017:0.9
Max: 0.5 (11:48)
Min: 0.0 (00:00)

Wind Chill:
Max yesterday:3.9°C
Min yesterday:-1.3°C
Min in february:-9.5°C
Min in 2017:-10.6°C

Heat Index:
Max yesterday:4.6°C
Max in february:7.6°C
Max in 2017:7.9°C
Max: 6.6°C (12:16)
Min: 4.1°C (00:00)
Rain rate Water Temperature and Snow Wind Rose and Windrun
Rain Rate now:0.00 mm
Max. Rain Rate:
Max. Rain Rate:01:58

Rain last hour:0.0 mm
Rain today: 2.0 mm
Rain this week:0.2 mm
Rain in february:11.2 mm
Rain in 2017:52.4 mm
Last rain: 19/2/2017 at 08:14
Rain last hour: 0.0 mm


(Meassured by the habour)


February: 4.0 cm

Season: 11.0 cm
Avg. February 2017:1.3°C
Avg. 2017:2.1°C
Avg. ALL-TIME:10.4°C
Year max. (01.01.2017):4.7°C
Year min. (13.02.2017):0.4°C
ALL-TIME (30.07.2014):24.4°C
ALL-TIME (31.01.2014):-0.2°C

Snow today:0 cm
Snow yesterday:0 cm
Snow in february:1 day(s)
Snow in 2017:3 day(s)
Max i february: 2.0° (06/02)
Min i february: 0.4° (13/02)
Wind Run today:131.17 km
Wind Run yesterday:235.35 km
Wind Run february:2541.87 km
Wind Run 2017:6403.19 km
Wind Run in february: 2541.87 km
Wind Run in 2017: 6403.19 km
Lightning Detector Strike Information Video
Last minute:
Last strike:
Last min:
Daylength: 09:56  (+02:55). The day has increased with 00:04:12 since yesterday

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